Interview – Dario Pedrazzini on the Lombards

An interview with Dario Pedrazzini on the daily lives of the Lombards at the time of king Rothari from his book on the topic. He collaborates with “Res Bellica”, a company that produces equipment for historical re-enactments. You can have a look at their products at:

009 – A crazy confusing conundrum of kings

In this episode we go through a rather confusing series of kings, so here is the list in case you are really diligent (to masochistic) and want to remember them:


Rothari (636 – 652)

Rodoald (652 – 653)

Aripert I (653 – 661)

Perctarit and Godepert (661 – 662)

Grimuald (662 – 671)

Garibald (671)

Perctarit (671 – 688) (restored from exile)

Alahis (688 – 689) rebel

Cunincpert (688 – 700)

Liutpert (700 – 701)

Raginpert (701)

Aripert II (701 – 712)

Ansprand (712)


008 – The Lombards get comfy and some laws

In this episode we see Agilulf and Theodelinda off the stage and after a few more kings we get to Rothari and his historical edict

Images by Christina Tisi from “La Vita Quotidiana dei Longobardi ai tempi di re Rotar” (Daily life of the Lombards at the time of king Rothari) by Dario Pedrazzini.  Buy it on Amazon