Special Episode 02b – A load of baloney from Bologna part 2

The second part of a two-part episode on the history of the city of Bologna. Her ewe cover the modern and contemporary eras of the regional capital of Emilia Romagna

Interview – Dario Pedrazzini on the Lombards

An interview with Dario Pedrazzini on the daily lives of the Lombards at the time of king Rothari from his book on the topic. He collaborates with “Res Bellica”, a company that produces equipment for historical re-enactments. You can have a look at their products at:


006 – Here come the Lombards

In this episode we have  a quick look at the brief period of Byzantine rule before the arrival of the Lombards in 568 and then we look at their invasion of Italy and hear a bit of juicy royal gossip.