098 – The Visconti take Milan, Act 1

We see the rise of the Visconti family in Milan as they battle the power of the Della Torre for control over the city and subsequently much of Northern Italy. First however, I take a personal look at my relationship with Milan and tell the story of how my mother was an unwitting baby sitter to the Mafia.

074 – Goodbye Freddie II

We see the reign of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II to its end as he faces off with Gregory IX and then Innocent IV, all the while dealing with the ever rebellious communes of northern Italy in their continuous struggle between pro-imperial Ghibellines and pro-papal Guelphs, up to the Battle of Parma in 1247.

009 – A crazy confusing conundrum of kings

In this episode we go through a rather confusing series of kings, so here is the list in case you are really diligent (to masochistic) and want to remember them:

Rothari (636 – 652)

Rodoald (652 – 653)

Aripert I (653 – 661)

Perctarit and Godepert (661 – 662)

Grimuald (662 – 671)

Garibald (671)

Perctarit (671 – 688) (restored from exile)

Alahis (688 – 689) rebel

Cunincpert (688 – 700)

Liutpert (700 – 701)

Raginpert (701)

Aripert II (701 – 712)

Ansprand (712)