Follow us in our “Walkaround Minidocs” in which we travel around Italy and bring you a taste of this beautiful country, dedicated to our wonderful Patreon supporters.

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POMPEI – Where ancient Rome comes to life

FLORENCE – Cradle of the renaissance

 VINCI – The birthplace of Leonardo       

 FIESOLE – The balcony of Florence

ORBETELLO – Seaside and countryside of Tuscany

CERVI BROTHERS – Resistance to Fascism

SAN GIORGIO DI PIANO – A provincial town of Bologna

CA’ MANARI – Apennine mountain villages

CESENATICO – Seaside town with a little corner of Venice

NAPLES – Jewel of Europe

MANTUA – A study tour

BARGETANA – Apennine mountain chalet

CORIGLIANO D’OTRANTO – The castle and philosophical gardens

GALLIPOLI – The city of philosophy

LEGNANO – The defeat of Barbarossa

CARPINETI – Matilda of Tuscany’s darkest hour

REGGIO EMILIA – The mixed up cathedral

MONTEFIORINO – The partisan republic

SAN PELLEGRINO IN ALPE – Fighting the devil

RIMINI – A seaside surprise

TRENTO – Italy’s gateway to Europe

VIGOLENO – A night at the castle

ROME – The eternal city

SIRMIONE – The lake fortress

MIRABILANDIA – The fun park

MONTEBELLO – The ghost of Azzurrina