Halloween Special: The Ghost of Bardi Castle

In this special Halloween episode we explore the castle of Bardi in the Apennines of Parma. The ghost is supposedly that of Moroello, the captain of the castle garrison who is said to have died along with his beloved Soleste in the late 15th century.

We also take some time to explore the history of the castle and finally propose our own A History of Italy style alternative ending.

Here is the link to some of the photos taken in 1995:

The link to the video:

Link to the Instagram page of Domenico Barletta, author of “Soleste e Moroello”:


Link to music:

021 – Rowdy Roman Revelry: Marozia’s pornocracy

We take a look at the situation of debauchery and corruption that Italy, and more specifically Rome, fell into during the ninth and tenth centuries, with a particular focus on the Tuscolo family and perhaps its most famous member, Marozia.