F100: The crystallisation of totalitarianism

We take a break from our narrative of the history of Fascism to talk about the definition of Totalitarianism with Jackson Van Uden. Jackson is a Historian, Author and Podcaster. He hosts the History with Jackson YouTube channel and Podcast where he speaks about History from across the ages, and interviews historians about their research. As an author he has written several articles on a variety of different topics and has also recently published a book entitled the ’The Crystallisation of Totalitarianism’. 


Special: Italy’s role in the holocaust

To commemorate Holocaust remembrance day, we look at Italy’s role in the tragedy, from the initial indifference to the Jews in Italy, to the racial laws of 1938 and the deportations and killings of the war period.

Special: The massacre of Monte Sole

Between the 29th September and 5th October 1944, the Nazi occupiers of Italy, along with their Fascist allies, rounded up and killed almost 800 civilians, mostly elderly, women and children in the worst single episode of violence against the civilian population in Western Europe. The massacre occurred on the slopes of Monte Sole, south of Bologna.