115 – Hard times for Venice, a very naughty doge and some funny names (1339 – 1356)

We catch Venice up to the mid 14th century following storms, floods earthquakes, plagues and all other kinds of lovely things.

Then we see a trattori doge, a big nose and a dolphin ruler. All this while trying keep up the struggle against the Genoese and Turks at sea as well as the Hungarians on land, tough times for Venice indeed.

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Anti-mafia martyrs: Giovanni Falcone

One of the Mafia’s most dangerous foes was killed on 23rd May 1992. Anti.Mafia investigative magistrate Giovanni Falcone was responsible for putting hundreds of mafiosi behind bars and his investigation into a tender fixing operation expanded into one of the largest mafia trials in Italian history. His later work at the ministry of the interior led to some of the toughest anti-mafia legislation ever passed.

114 – More Milan and popey come home (1345 – 1385)

We follow the joint rule of Galeazzo and Bernabò Visconti as they continue to struggle to expand and consolidate the power of Milan and they set the foundation of a dynasty and a Duchy.

We also see how, following the death of Pope Gregory XI, the election of two rival popes, Urban VI and Clement VII gives rise to the Great Western Schism.

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Coming soon: Fascism 100

In May 1921 Benito Mussolini’s paramilitary fascist groups gained the first seats in the Italian parliament, a crowning moment after the foundation of the Fasci di Combattimento in 1919.

later that same year the Italian fascist party would see its official foundation. In October of the following year Mussolini would take power with the March on Rome, marking the start of over 20 years of fascist domination which would take the country to the brink of ruin.

in the 100th year anniversary of those events, we feel that there are still many lessons to be learned from the rise and fall of Italian fascism, especially due to some of the very worrying signs of neofascist activity on the current geopolitical scene.

To join us on our journey follow the “fascism 100” miniseries starting May 2021.