Berlusconi and Bunga Bunga part 3

We arrive at the third and last Berlusconi government (so far) from 2008 to 2011 and his downfall under the onslaught of the EU, economic crisis, legal trouble and Bunga Bunga.

Berlusconi and Bunga Bunga part 1

Following the publication of Wondery’s excellent “Bunga Bunga” podcast, with co-host and legal expert Matteo Marconi we review the show and look back on our own experience of the Berlusconi era. In this episode his first government experience in 1994.

100 – An interview the godfather of history podcasting and more

For our 100th episode we have the wishes from fellow podcasters and an interview with Mike Duncan, creator of the History of Rome, Revolutions and the book “The Storm Before the Storm”. We also have an interview with one of the starts of the A History of Italy sketches.

099 – The Visconti lose Milan and take it back again

Matte Visconti tries to pass power to his son Galeazzo, who ends up making a mess and losing the city to the Della Torre for almost a decade before would-be Holy Roman Emperor Henry VII come sto Milan and puts the Visconti back in power for the next few centuries, despite their own best efforts to do each other in. We also see some rather annoyed popes and of course a battle with Italians on both sides as usual.