Recap 03: Episodes 28 – 50 from the year 1000 to the concordat of Worms in 1122

Using th concordat of Worms as a stopping point, we look back over th episodes that cover from the year 1000 to the end of the investiture crisis in 1122.



049 – Arrivederci Arabs, the Emirate of Sicily part 1

We take a look back at the Arab invasione of Sicily starting with the early raids in the seventh century, through the invasion of 827 up to the fall of the Aghlabids in the early tenth century.

048 – Bye bye Byzantines -The end of Byzantine Italy part 2

In the second part of this miniseries we go from the time of king Rotari of the Lombards at the end of the seventh century to the fall of Bai and the end of the Byzantine presence in Italy.