120 – Braccio da Montone, early life of a condottiero (1368 – 1406)

We take a look at the early life of the adventurer and sword for hire Andrea Fortebraccio, known as Braccio da Montone. We see his exile from his native Perugia followed by his service for the Montefeltro of Urbino as they battle the Malatesta of Rimini and then the famous Alderigo da Barbiano of the company of Saint George, all the while taking a tour of the papal states during the Great Wester Schism.

119 – Joanna II of Naples and some schism fixing

We see the rather naughty and turbulent reign of Joanna II of Naples. Did she really deserve the nickname “the insatiable” or even “the mad”? Or was it just bad press?

After that we finally see the church get their act together and heal the Wester schism.

Italian citizenship milestones – Crossover with “The Italian Citizenship Podcast”

In this first of two parts of “The Italian Citizenship” podcast on important milestones we look at some important dates for Italian citizenship during the kingdom of Italy: 1861, 1912, 1922 and give some background to what was going on in those periods.

In the next episode we will be looking at the period of the Republic starting from 1946.

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