Anti-mafia martyrs: Father Pino Puglisi

The life of Padre Pino Puglisi, who went against the mafia with his faith, his words and culture, to give the citizens of his city schools, homes all the elements that are fundamental rights, stolen by the Mafia and then handed out as favours.

We trace his story from the start of his work to his murder on 15th September 1993 on the day of his birthday.

2 responses to “Anti-mafia martyrs: Father Pino Puglisi”

  1. Anti mafia movement are the teaching of God to spiritual religion by different Messenger recognised by God.So mind set of human education through resistance against wrong values in society.Mafias are coward and spiritual teaching give reward to get peace for innocent human.So due to coward mind set they become enemy of education for good morals values teaching and try to killed the teacher also but education continue on earth

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