004 – Queen Amalasuntha and Byztantium gets annoyed

In this episode we go from the death of Theodoric the great in 526, through the regency of his daughter Amalasuntha, to the end of the first phase of the Gothic war in 540.

10 responses to “004 – Queen Amalasuntha and Byztantium gets annoyed”

  1. Very interesting! I’m waiting for Franc’s story to introduce Pepin the Short and discover the begininning of Europe

    • Hello Roberto, thank you! I think old Pipin will be along at around episode 10, we have a few centuries of Lombards (Longobardi) to deal with first and they got up to some interesting stuff.

  2. What about Amalasuntha’s husband? When her son died, where was this guy? How could she marry her cousin if she was already married..

    • Hiya Luke, unfortunately he died in episode 4 (around 1:06 minutes). He was a Visigoth prince called Eutharic. It’s not clear in all sources that Amalasuntha actually married Theodahad (the cousin) anyway, they may have been just co-rulers.

      Thanks for getting in touch!

  3. Hi !

    I love your podcast by the way ! I had a little doubt about Amalasuntha’s death place. Did she die in lake di como ? Is that where the island is ?

    Thank you !

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