In this episode we go from 493 when Theodoric the Great took contro of the Italian peninsula to his death in 526

2 thoughts on “003 – Theodoric and the rise and fall of the Ostrogoth kingdom

  1. I listened to 1-3 today. Loving it. Can’t wait to dive back in tomorrow. I’m visiting Italy for the first time this Summer for 3 weeks. Doing a lot of history review.
    You do a fantastic job covering all of the material without making it over complicated. The comedy relief is laugh out load good.

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    1. Hello April, thank you so much! You’re way too kind! I’m really glad you’re enjoying it. It makes a difference to know I’m not blabbing out into empty space.

      Have you heard “Talking History – The Italian Unification”? You’ll get some more recent history there

      What have you got planned for your trip?

      Thanks again!



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