003 – Theodoric and the rise and fall of the Ostrogoth kingdom

In this episode we go from 493 when Theodoric the Great took contro of the Italian peninsula to his death in 526

2 responses to “003 – Theodoric and the rise and fall of the Ostrogoth kingdom”

  1. I listened to 1-3 today. Loving it. Can’t wait to dive back in tomorrow. I’m visiting Italy for the first time this Summer for 3 weeks. Doing a lot of history review.
    You do a fantastic job covering all of the material without making it over complicated. The comedy relief is laugh out load good.

    • Hello April, thank you so much! You’re way too kind! I’m really glad you’re enjoying it. It makes a difference to know I’m not blabbing out into empty space.

      Have you heard “Talking History – The Italian Unification”? You’ll get some more recent history there

      What have you got planned for your trip?

      Thanks again!


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